Aesthetica Professional

Experts in the art of delivering non invasive liposuction to all salons, with affordable machines and Habia CPD Endorsed Training.

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Aesthetica Professional SALON

  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Tightening and lifting face and chin.
  • Non-Surgical face lift.
  • Full body skin tightening.
  • Inch loss reduction.
  • Body sculpting.
  • Exceptional Cellulite reduction.
  • Lymphatic detoxification.

Aesthetica Professional Tri wave laser

Tri wavelength laser hair removal with TEC cooling system.

Diode laser equipment, without injury to surrounding tissues.

3 wavelengths. Alexandrite - 755nm, 808nm and ND YAG 1064nm

Fast, effective, safe and painless, and easy to use, with intelligent mode

Permanent hair removal for all skin types


IPL, Super hair removal and Picosecond laser with 3 wave lengths delivering the most powerful pigment and tattoo removal on the market. E-light and radio frequency for skin rejuvenation.

• Hair removal

• Skin rejuvenation

• Hair removal

Aesthetica Professional HYDROFACIAL

Hydra facial machine – 2nd generation

  • 6 treatment options in 1 machine
  • Skin scrubber blade
  • Hydra water facial cleanser Aqua peel –  deep cleansing
  • Hydrogen – oxygen spray gun
  • Ultra sound to enable deeper penetration of serums
  • Oxygen spray
  • Cooling hand piece


  • Cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum therapy.
  • Total body application six polar and vacuum targeted RF.
  • Shorter treatment times, happy clients, happy salon, great ROI.
  • Powerful, flexible, affordable and compact.


Aesthetica Professional are a UK based aesthetics company who sell lease and rent high end aesthetics equipment & offer HABIA CPD Endorsed training courses.

HABIA endorsement means that our training programs meet the industry standards and are recognized by a reputable organization. We are ISO 13485 accredited which demonstrates that we have implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements for medical devices, and having an FCA license indicates that we are authorized to operate as a financial services provider and comply with relevant regulations.

Specialists in advanced aesthetics equipment but particularly Non-Invasive liposuction (cavitation -the process) and lasers.


  • A combined machine which offers Cavitation, radio frequency, vacuum therapy with facial probes.
  • Full face to face training and certification included.
  • Full post-training treatment and technical support for 12 months
  • We use these equipment in our Aesthetica Professional clinics.

Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Equipment has some of the best technology available today & delivers highly effective skin tightening, body sculpting and aesthetic facial treatments for your clients at an affordable price.

Our equipment will help you to increase your treatment menu and client base.

All our training is fully CPD endorsed by Habia, and is delivered face to face when we bring the equipment to you, which means your insurance is guaranteed.

Our Mission Statement:

“We care about your business & deliver the best affordable advanced aesthetics equipment with fully accredited CPD training to help you succeed”

Our equipment

Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency Machines with Habia CPD Endorsed training.

Our machines are avaiable to rent, lease or buy.

Aesthetica Professional SALON

Aesthetica Professional SALON

Aesthetica Professional SALON is our state-of-the-art flagship model. Highly affordable, efficient and safe containing all the latest inch loss, skin tightening and aesthetic technologies. A valuable asset to any large space.

Aesthetica Professional Tri Wave Laser

Aesthetica Professional Tri Wave Laser

Our Tri-wave laser is a highly affordable, efficient and safe. It has all the functions that you would expect form a tri-wave laser, Hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation. It also has an exceptional cooling system, and an intelligent interface. Our face-to-face training will allow you to understand the functions fully to accommodate the variation in our clients, and deliver exceptional treatments.