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Experts in the art of delivering non invasive liposuction to all salons, with affordable machines and Habia accredited training.

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Aesthetica Professional SALON

  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Tightening and lifting face and chin.
  • Non-Surgical face lift.
  • Full body skin tightening.
  • Inch loss reduction.
  • Body sculpting.
  • Exceptional Cellulite reduction.
  • Lymphatic detoxification.


  • Cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum therapy.
  • Total body application six polar and vacuum targeted RF.
  • Shorter treatment times, happy clients, happy salon, great ROI.
  • Powerful, flexible, affordable and compact.

For the body and face

  • A machine from Aesthetica Professional means that you will have a machine which is easy to maintain and operate, well designed and manufactured.
  • It is a premium facial, inch loss, skin tightening and body sculpting machine that your money can buy.


  • Premium technology, high quality, expert accredited training
  • Shorter treatment times needed.
  • Improved return on investment for faster treatments
  • Affordable, low-cost entry to increase treatment portfolio
  • Client delight


We are specialists in Non-Invasive liposuction also known as cavitation (the process) and deliver the best affordable cavitation machines.

  • A combined machine which offers Cavitation, radio frequency, vacuum therapy with facial probes.
  • Full training and certification included.
  • Full post-training treatment and technical support for 12 months
  • We use these machines in our Aesthetica Professional clinics.

Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines have some of the best technology around today & deliver highly effective skin tightening, body sculpting and aesthetic facial treatments for your clients at an affordable price.

Our machines will help you to increase your treatment menu and client base.

All our training is fully CPD accredited by Habia, which means your insurance is guaranteed.

Our Mission Statement:

“We care about your business & deliver the best affordable non invasive cavitation machines & fully accredited training to help you succeed”

Our equipment

Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency Machines with Habia accredited training.

Aesthetica Professional SALON

Aesthetica Professional SALON

Aesthetica Professional SALON is our state-of-the-art flagship model. Highly affordable, efficient and safe containing all the latest inch loss, skin tightening and aesthetic technologies. A valuable asset to any large space. Full machine spec available upon request.

Aesthetica Professional PORTABLE

Aesthetica Professional PORTABLE

Our entry-level model, is a highly affordable, efficient and safe. However, don’t let the “entry-level” description fool you PORTABLE contains the latest inch loss, skin tightening and aesthetic technologies in a compact and portable package perfectly suited for those limited with space. Full machine spec available upon request.