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Our Cavitation Equipment for salons and colleges

New 80MHz technology enables you to reach stubborn fat deeper than the superficial level—a tremendous benefit for the time-poor. 

Your treatment times are shortened because the power of this releases a strong blast at the fat cells. The additional bonus of green LED light means that lymphatic drainage is enhanced, and the skin texture is instantly smoothed and improved. 

You will see faster cellulite reduction, body shaping, contouring, and a fantastic reduction in the fat layer. The treatment can be used successfully on legs, buttocks, arms and torso.

Proven Results 

We successfully operate our own Eve Taylor branded APL Treatments clinics using this equipment on a daily basis.

We have fully supported Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can see for yourself the successful pictures our clients have allowed us to post. It is a great model, with supporting marketing and great outcomes, making it a win-win.

Our equipment is available for rent, lease, or buy.

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Our Cavitation Equipment for salons and colleges

Ultrasound Cavitation Equipment

Ultrasound Cavitation Equipment

Aesthetica Professional SALON is our state-of-the-art flagship model. Highly affordable, efficient and safe containing all the latest inch loss, skin tightening and aesthetic technologies. A valuable asset to any large space.

Portable Cavitation Equipment

Portable Cavitation Equipment

Our entry-level model, is a highly affordable, efficient and safe. However, don’t let the “entry-level” description fool you PORTABLE contains the latest inch loss, skin tightening and aesthetic technologies in a compact and portable package perfectly suited for those limited with space.

Supporting you in delivering success

When you purchase equipment through Aesthetica Professional Ltd., you become part of our family. We want your business to succeed and for you and your clients to be delighted. You will receive the best face-to-face training, aftercare, technical support.

Remember, we are always here for you. No matter what you need, you can reach us at the end of a telephone line. You will always be connected to one of our directors or trainers, ready to provide the answers you seek. Our extensive experience ensures we can assist with any questions, whether they're about the equipment or treatments. With us, you'll never feel alone in your provision of aesthetic treatments.

Face-to-face Training Courses

You cannot operate your equipment without full endorsed face-to-face training, which will be acceptable for your insurance company.

Once you purchase equipment from Aesthetica Professional Ltd, you will automatically be enrolled in our Habia endorsed training programme.

If you have ultrasound Cavitation equipment and require some updated training, we can help.

Full Course £999
Refresher £250

Replacement handles for the body

40Mhz Handle

40Mhz Handle

40K blasting fat cells probe Using focused ultrasonic waves probe launching up to 40000HZ, making strong impact and friction between the fat cells, effective energy consumption, water consumption of cells, so that fat cells shrink. When ultrasonic wave vibration can make the cells have a strong impact, instant cell blasting, reduce fat cells to achieve the effect of removal fat.

80Mhz Handle

80Mhz Handle

80K ultrasonic vacuum probe Strong blasting fat cells, removing fat cells, using focused ultrasonic wave probe launching up to 80000HZ, strong impacting of fat cells, can effectively consume heat, the water of cells, so that fat cells shrink. In addition when ultrasonic wave vibration can make the cells have a strong impact, instant cell blasting, fat cells dissolved as free fatty acids.

Six Polar RF Handles

Six Polar RF Handles

Multipolar RF Multipolar RF retains the advantage that past RF noninvasive firming skin removal wrinkle, which heat deeper, wrinkle removal at the same time removal fat and body shaping. It has been verified by clinical that multipolar RF is a safe and effective beauty body shaping way that firming skin, removal wrinkle, body shaping.

Vacuum & Bipolar RF Probe

Vacuum & Bipolar RF Probe

The probe is doing aerobic exercise for skin and fat tissue like suction, kneading and rolling which make the lymphatic drainage function and blood circulation increase 4 times. At the same time, along with the bipolar RF thermal energy with deep massage making the fat cells into fatty acids, and eliminated by lymphatic circulation, to effectively consume accumulative fat cells and achieve the shaping effect.

Replacement handles for the face

Ultrasonic  Probe

Ultrasonic Probe

Ultrasonic wave probe Importing products for skin care products to penetrate the skin, accelerate the absorption, accelerate the activation of the cell, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, skin brightening, anti-ageing.

RF Handles for Face

RF Handles for Face

Using RF technology, the dermis collagen gradually proliferates through the thermal effect, Improve long-term emotional stress, facial ageing and dull black skin. It can promote cell metabolism and regeneration, make the skin elastic, shiny, and smooth wrinkles and firming skin.

Cooling Probe

Cooling Probe

With the help of outside temperature, alternate cooling and heating, so that nutritional products quickly penetrate into base skin and dermis. Resolving melanin, while providing a large amount of water and nutrients, improve the elasticity of collagen fibres. With the physical function between the hot and cold temperature difference, to achieve the effect ice therapy replenishment, deep water lock, ice therapy anti-allergy, ice therapy catalysis, a high degree of absorption, ice control oil control, tightening the skin.

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Dora Chmara

I highly recommend Jan from Aesthetica Professional. She has been very helpful and professional - I don’t think there is a better place to buy machines for your salon. Jan has been so great with explaining everything and also helping every time I needed advice she went above and beyond. Thank you so much Jan!

Gee Barrable

I have rented a Non-invasive Liposuction machine from Aesthetica Professional, which I use for body and face. My clients love their treatments, and the machine works so well. I went to Aesthetica Professional because I wanted training which would ensure my insurance, and so that I would have permanent support for my clients or the technology. I love the fact that I could rent, because I received all the service from buying, but the risk is so much less, as I could return it, if I ever needed to do it. At the moment though, it pays for itself, and my business is growing nicely.

Rachel Jatto

Quality Touch

Absolutely amazing service! Incredible machine & great results from my clients! I am so pleased!! I stopped by Jan's stall at the Beauty Professional show! She has been incredible and such a great mentor! Thank you so much for changing my life Jan!

I cant wait to take on more of your machines & learn so much more from you! This is just the beginning! Highly recommended!

Lisa Dodd

We've recently upgraded from our original 3d-Lipo machine, and really happy with the service, and the machine. Its generated lots of new clients booking courses, and some great results.

Sharron Morrow

Since buying the machine from Aesthetica Professional I have had some amazing results, my clients are so happy with their instant cm loss and they refer their friends to me.

I generally see amazing losses after the first appointment and I’m then able to upsell people to a package.

The training Jan provides is 2nd to none, I left after the training course thoroughly confident in the services I was able to provide. I had a few problems understanding how some of the machine works, but Jan always found a way for me to understand. I can now explain every step of the treatment to my clients with complete confidence.

Megan Smith

Such a great experience from start to finish with the process of renting my machine from Aesthetica Professional. The training is done in person and Jan also travelled to me to deliver the training. It’s stress free and you are looked after by an the whole process.

I can’t wait to use my machine in my clinic this weekend where I have 13 clients booked in already to have treatments with the machine! I am glad I chose Aesthetica Professional and 100% recommend this company!

Natasha Coutts

Goldilocks & The Nail Shack

I have been working with Jan for almost 2 years now. She is an amazing person, committed to her company and all who work with her 100%. She has taken Aesthetica from strength to strength, providing outstanding training and support wherever I have needed it.

Looking forward to what 2024 brings with Jan and Aesthetica Professional.

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