Six point checklist before purchasing Laser

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February 20, 2024

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Six point checklist before purchasing Laser

When you are considering a big investment like the purchase of a laser, there is a minefield of information available to you. Here I hope to condense that into just 6 key thoughts, which could help you in your choice of purchase.

At Aesthetica Professional, we have two great lasers.

A multi-functional laser which has IPL, radio frequency and picosecond ND YAG laser for tattoo removal and Tri-wave laser which works for every skin tone on the Fitzpatrick scale and deliverers skin rejuvenation. There is not a huge amount of difference in prices and both lasers are equally effective and safe, but in my experience, here are the top 6 points to consider.

1. Consider your client base

This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a laser. Who are your clients? Are they mostly young, or older? What might their needs be? And perhaps most importantly, where do they sit on the Fitzpatrick Scale? Think of the demographics of your area and clients. Assess the needs of your majority. Is hair removal more likely to be requested or skin rejuvenation? What conditions will you be asked to treat the most? Is there likely to be a change in those needs in the future. Which of the Fitzpatrick scales are most common for your client base.

2. Efficacy

Check that your laser purchase takes a targeted approach that will be precise and accurate ensuring that the follicles will be hit evenly reducing hair regrowth and may mean less sessions are required although they must be timely.

3. Safety

Safety is paramount for you and for your client. Less energy being required per pulse reduces the risk of any burning or discoloration, especially for those with sensitive skin. Ensure that your laser will have the ability to reduce or increase the energy in increments of one, so that you have the control it and can ensure both efficacy and safety for your client.

4. Painless

One of the biggest issues we face as practitioners, where laser is concerned, is that hair removal is associated with pain. In other words, we, and our clients think of the pain associated with the sharp snap of an elastic band against our skin. When buying your laser please consider the cooling aspect of your equipment, because this will determine the level of pain that a client will feel. A great cooling system eliminates the need for any numbing.

5. Time efficient and your electricity bill

Check that your laser is going to be efficient and quick with a decent size head of the laser ensuring rapid coverage. The shorter the time of the treatment the more control you have over your electricity bill.

6. Check with your local council.

Do you need a license to practice? Some councils do require this, and some do not. In the absence of the licensing – which is under consideration for the UK, it is in your best interests to set up your clinic to be compliant in the first instance. Is there a local need for a laser protection advisor? Can you meet the criteria of the council with your clinic set up?

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